Q. What is the lead time for orders?
A. Shipping time is 3-7 days from receipt of a purchase order.

Q. What colors are available?
A. Multiwall - clear, bronze, opal, white, and Softlite. Blue, green and hammered available by special order. Corrugated - clear, bronze, opal, and Softlite.

Q. What is the longest length sheet in stock?
A. The longest sheet is 48'. Every order is custom cut..

Q. How wide are the sheets AmeriLux stocks?
A. Agrilite: 38". Corrugated: 50" and 74". Multiwall: 47.25", 48", 71.25" and 72". Special size widths are available by special order.

Q. How are panels protected during shipping?
A. A custom wooden crate is built for each order.

Q. How are panels shipped?
A. By common carrier.

Q. How are multiwall panels cut?
A. Use a razor knife or a circular saw with a fine tooth blade that has at least 10 teeth per inch.

Q. How are corrugated panels cut?
A. Use a circular saw at a high speed but low advance rate. For curved cutting, use a jigsaw or metal cutting sheers.

Q. How are sheets fastened down?
A. Use #10 woodmate screws or #12 Self Drilling-Self Tapping screws for metal.

Q. Do I need to use a washer with the screws?
A. Yes, Use a 3/4" neoprene bonded washer.

Q. What type of sealant should be used on sheets?
A. 100% silicone for polycarbonate sheets. Check sealant product label to ensure compatibility.

Q. How can I get my H- or U-Channel to slide onto the sheet?
A. Rubbing a bar of hand soapor squirting mild liquid dish detergent on the edge of the sheet can aid in sliding a profile onto a multiwall sheet.A screw driver or a putty knife can be used to gently pry open the profile. After the profile has been installed, use a soft wet cloth to remove any excess soap.

Q. Can panels be nailed into place instead of screwing?
A. It is not recommended to nail sheets rather than screw. There is a greater chance for impact damage. Screwing also allows for sheets to expand and contract with the weather which prevents warping.

Q. Is it necessary to predrill my holes?
A. Predrilling is a vital step in the installation process. Without this, sheets will warp if unable to move during temperature changes.

Q. Are there any products that can help keep heat out?
A. All of AmeriLux sheets are UV protected however that does mean all sheets will block heat equally. Clear panels will allow the most heat and light to come through while opaque colors reflect heat.

Q. How are sheets cleaned?
A. Mild household detergents may be used with a soft rag. Never use aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents or glass window cleaners; they can chemically attack sheets.

Q. When installing, can sheets be walked on?
A. During installation, do not walk on sheets. Place boards between rafters to create a path for walking.

Q. Where can polycarbonate sheets be purchased?
A. Please call our customer service department at 888-602-4441 and we can direct you to the nearest distributor.

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